Electrode is Frankenstein!? - The Dex! Episode 101! is the one hundred and first episode of the The Dex! Trivia and Battle Strategy Series. It's hosted by Roller Boy Alex and Pokekellz and it covers the Ball Pokémon, Electrode! It aired on February 24th, 2015 and can be viewed here.

"Every week on The Dex, Alex and PokeKellz present battle strategy and trivia for a different Pokemon! This week, is Electrode the Frankenstein's Monster of the Pokemon world?"- Youtube description. Electrode

Intro Trivia Edit

  • Eats atmospheric electricity.
  • Explodes easily when agitated.
  • Explosions may reference ball lightning.

Can You Name and Draw All The Pokemon Song Edit

"You start with a roundish ball, and then it starts to crack in half. You color in the bottom half, Electrode."- Alex and Kellz

You Heard it Here First! Edit

You Heard it Here First!


  • Electrodes are also conductors for measuring electric activity through non-metal objects.
  • They can be used for anything from measuring your heart rate to arc-welding.
  • Electrode doesn't actually relate to these at all, besides the name.
  • Voltorb was made when a Poké Ball was exposed to a pulse of electricity according to the Pokédex.
  • Early Poké Balls were made from Apricorns, non Metalic.


Electrode's name came from the device attached to the Apricorn that channeled electricity through it creating the Voltorb / Electrode line.

Battle Strategy Edit

Set 1: Rain Dance Team Lead Edit

  • Item: Leftovers
  • Ability: Aftermath
  • Nature: Timid
  • EVs: HP and Speed
  • Moves:
    • Taunt
    • Volt Switch
    • Thunder
    • Rain Dance

Random Thoughts Edit

  • Without Rain Dance use Thunderbolt instead of Thunder and hold a Life Orb.
  • Hidden Power Grass is good against pesky ground types.
  • Signal Beam is a good surprise move.

Jokes / References Edit

  • Electrode replaces Poké Ball in intro video.
  • Not Special.
  • Electrode knows what's going on.
  • Booing at song.
  • Perfect teeth
  • Pokémon Poké Ball
  • Just okay SpAtk
  • Shout outs to DevTwoThousand.

Gallery Edit