Is Mewtwo part HUMAN!? - The Dex! Episode 22!
Season -, Episode 22
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Air date Jul 9, 2013
Written by Alex Faciane, Kellie Whisler
Directed by The National Dex
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Is Mewtwo part HUMAN!? - The Dex! Episode 22! is the twenty-second episode of The Dex Trivia and Battle Strategy series. It's hosted by Idol Alex and Pokekellz and it covers the Genetic Pokemon, Mewtwo! It was aired on July 9th, 2013 and can be viewed here.

"Every week on The Dex, Alex and PokeKellz present battle strategy and trivia for a different Pokemon! This week, it's Mewtwo, the Genetic Pokemon!" - YouTube description


Intro Trivia Edit

  • Mewtwo was one of the first legendary Pokemon, and is a man-made creation.
  • Depending on the continuity, Mr./Dr. Fuji brings Blaine/Giovanni to the jungle where they encounter Mew.
  • In the anime, they manage to get Mew's DNA, while in the games, they capture Mew.
  • In all continuities, the scientists mess with Mew's DNA, and create Mewtwo.
  • Its name implies that it's a "Second Mew". It could also be a pun on the word "Mutant".
  • Mewtwo takes design inspiration from a fetus, but with extra features like a clubbed tail and a second brain stem.
  • Mewtwo's aggression comes towards the way its genes were spliced, which can actually happen in real life.

The Pokemon Creation Myth Etc.Edit

The Pokemon Creation Myth Etc - Mewtwo
  • This myth borrows element from both the anime and game canons
  • Mewtwo is born in the Pokemon Mansion, with Giovanni involved.
  • Sinnoh's Canalave Library tells stories of Pokemon evolving into humans, and that Pokemon and Humans were once one and the same.
  • What if Mewtwo is actually the result of the splicing of Mew and Giovanni's genes. It'd explain the humanoid build and aggressive nature.
  • Bill has been fused with a Clefairy at one point, so there is precedent for this kind of thing.

Battle Strategy Edit

Mewtwo Battle

Special Attacker Edit

  • Item: Life Orb
  • Ability: Pressure
  • Nature: Timid (+Speed, -Attack)
  • EVs: Sp. Attack and Speed
  • Moves:
    • Psystrike
    • Calm Mind
    • Aura Sphere
    • Ice Beam
  • Calm Mind lets Mewtwo bulk up, while allowing it to hit harder
  • Aura Sphere and Ice Beam are excellent for coverage
  • Psystrike is a hard hitting STAB, and lets you get past Specially Defensive opponents.

Random Thoughts Edit

  • Fire Blast is a good move for coverage
  • A Bulky set with Leftovers and Substitute is a good option
  • Recover is a good move to increase longevity

Gallery Edit

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