Kellie, or Pokekellz as she's also known, is one of the four main hosts of TheNationalDex Channel, along with Alex Faciane, Jimmy, and Hilde. She has been part of the channel since it first began. She is most known for her work on The Dex! Trivia and Battle Strategies series, but she also hosts other shows such as The Dex! Podcast, OR/AS Mysteries, PokéKellz Snap, etc.

Pokémon Life Edit

Kellie is a very dedicated Pokémon fanatic. Her first experience with Pokémon was through the card game when she was a young child. She Later got Pokémon Red which was one of her first two games, the other being Kirby's Dreamland. She's played every Generation of Pokémon. Some of her favorite Pokémon include Ampharos, Furret, Gastrodon, and Whimsicott. The first Pokémon she ever saw was Abra. She considers herself to be a collector of Pokémon, and has an extensive merchandise collection.

The Trading Card Game Edit

Kellie plays TCG, in which she considers herself to be somewhat amateur and plays it mostly for fun and not often competitively.

Golden Octozooka Club Edit

The GOC is a Pokémon club run by Kellie. It focuses around shiny Octillery, and to join you must catch one, nickname it and tweet a picture of it to @Pokekellz. There don't seem to be any activities for members, other than being on a list on Kellz's phone.

Monster Hunter Edit

Kellie is a big fan of Monster Hunter. During the Monster Hunter 3 Era she was convinced to get the game by ProJared, and was convinced to keep playing from Alex. After Monster Hunter 3d came out she played it frequently. She plays more than Alex but less than Jimmy.

Real Life Edit

Kellie lives in California where she works on many projects on TheNationalDex channel. She is currently dating Alex Faciane and has a dog named Wallace. She works as a Registered Veterinary Technician and voice actress.

Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed in Episode 104 of The Dex that Kellie has a mouth on the back of her head underneath her hair. Alex denies this, but he may have done so to not scare children.
  • The nickname "Kellz" came from the fact that the name "Kellie" wouldn't fit in many video game name-inputs (Specifically, Super Smash Bros for N64). Instead of using a "y" to spell "Kelly" (the wrong way), she chose "z" instead.

Gallery Edit

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