Red, the Original Pokemon MASTER! - The Dex! SPECIAL EPISODE 100!
Season -, Episode 100
Vital statistics
Air date Feb 17, 2015
Written by Alex Faciane, Kellie Whisler
Directed by The National Dex
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Machamp Electrode

Red, The Original Pokemon MASTER! - The Dex! SPECIAL EPISODE 100! is the one hundredth episode of the Trivia and Battle Strategy series and the first Special Episode. It's co-hosted by PKMN Trainer Alex and Pokekellz, and it covers the Pokemon Trainer Red! Aired on February 17, 2015.

"Every week on The Dex, Alex and PokeKellz present battle strategy and trivia for a different Pokemon! This week, they delve into the details for Pokemon Trainer Red!" - Youtube description

Intro Trivia Edit

  • Protagonist of Gen 1 games.
  • NPC boss in Gen 2.
  • Born in Pallet Town.
  • Defeated Team Rocket multiple times.
  • Became Champion of Kanto.
  • Trained on top of Mt. Silver.

Tropesémon Edit

  • All of his Pokemon in Gen 2 were Pokemon obtained in a special way in Gen 1. This is because he's supposed to represent the player character.
  • He's also a silent protagonist, another way he's supposed to be representative of the player.
  • Nintendo does this with many characters.
  • Though this is considered to be a weak way of employing narrative it can also be very immersive.

Color Decoded Edit

Color Decoded
  • The Game, Manga, and Anime canons are all separate.
  • Red is the same color as blood, which is thought of as life.
  • Red is also thought of as heat, activity, passion, strength and so on.
  • Blue is often thought of as serene, calm, sad, distant and so on.

Episode Trivia Edit

  • First special episode
  • First episode covering humans.

Gallery Edit

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