Jimmy Beliakoff is the editor for the Dex!. He is the host of The MiniDex!, The ExtraDex!, The Dex! Podcast and is sometimes featured in The Dex! and The Dex! VS.

Pokémon Life Edit

Jimmy has played Pokémon since he was young, starting with Yellow version. Due to only having Yellow, when there was some sort of glitch in Red or Blue he was often left yearning. After that he played Gen 2 and 3 regularly, but fell off at Gen 4. He later got into the series again after joining The Dex! in Gen 5.

Trivia Edit

  • Metroid Prime is one of Jimmy's all time favorite video games
  • He loves to be spoken to in Spongbob Quotes
  • People can't decide on whether to call him "Jimmy" or "Sunder", so it have evolved into "Jimmy Sunder"
  • He is a huge fan of Jonathan Blow, maker of Braid and The Witness

Quotes Edit

"Metroid is like, one of the greatest games of all time" -Jimmy

Gallery Edit

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