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STAR WARS BATTLE! The Dex VS: Episode 87!
Season 1, Episode 87
Vital statistics
Air date May 15, 2015
Written by Alex Faciane, Kelly Whisler
Directed by The National Dex
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STAR WARS BATTLE! The Dex VS: Episode 87! is the eighty-seventh of The Dex VS: series. The theme is a battle between the Empire and the Rebellion. It's hosted by Alex Faciane and Kellie Whisler.

"Every week on The Dex VS, Alex and PokeKellz battle each other on Pokemon Showdown with Pokemon teams based around different themes! This week, it's Rebels vs. Imperials in this week's cool STAR WARS battle!" -YouTube Description

Music Edit

  • Background: Star Wars Theme Song by John Williams

Teams Edit

Kellie Whisler (Rebellion) Edit

Alex Faciane (Empire) Edit

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