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Sandshrew! The MiniDex #3! is the third episode of first season of The MiniDex! series. It's hosted by Rival Jimmy and it covers the Mouse Pokémon, Sandshrew! It aired on July 7th, 2014 and can be viewed here.

"Every week on The MiniDex, Jimmy covers a Pokemon that might not have been covered on The Dex, because we like to show a little love to every Pokemon :)" - YouTube description


Intro Trivia Edit

  • Despite Sandshrew's classification as the Mouse Pokemon, it is based on the Pangolin.
  • Just like the Pangolin and Armadillo, Sandshrew rolls up into a ball to defend itself.
  • Sandshrew's name is a combination of "Sand" and "Shrew", which is a type of mouse.
  • Sandshrew capacity to learn Poison Sting comes from the fact that Shrews are venomous.
  • Sandshrew's Japanese name is サンド Sand.

Battle Strategy Edit

Sandshrew Battle Strategy

Sand. Edit

  • Item: Leftovers
  • Ability: Sand Rush
  • Nature: Adamant
  • EVs: 252 HP / 252 Attack / 4 Defense
  • Moves:
    • Earthquake
    • Poison Jab/X-Scissor/Shadow Claw/Rock Slide
    • Rapid Spin
    • Toxic
  • STAB Earthquake
  • Poison Jab, X-Scissor, Shadow Claw, or Rock Slide for coverage.
  • Rapid Spin for getting rid of entree hazards.
  • Toxic to slowly weaken the foe over time.

Random Thoughts Edit

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