The Dex! Chingling! Episode 19 feat Gaijin Goomba! is the nineteenth episode of The Dex! Trivia and Battle Strategy Series. It's hosted by Little Queen Alex and Pokekellz, with special guest Gaijin Goomba, and it covers the Bell Pokémon, Chingling! It aired on June 4th, 2013 and can be viewed here.

"Every week on The Dex, Alex and PokeKellz present battle strategy and trivia for a different Pokemon! This week, it's Chingling, the bell Pokemon!" - YouTube description


Intro Trivia Edit

Upgrade Chingling has received updated trivia and/or battle strategy.
The updated trivia and/or battle strategy can be found here.
  • Chingling is a baby Pokémon introduced in Gen 4. It is tied with Budew and Azurill for smallest Baby Pokémon.
  • It has a small orb in its mouth that allows it to ring like a bell.
  • Chingling's cry is so high frequency, that it is deafening.
  • Its name is a combination of "Chime" and "Jingling", and potentially "Youngling" due to its status as a Baby Pokémon.
  • Despite its ability Levitate, Chingling doesn't float, but instead flops around, making its bell constantly ring.

Pokémon Culture Shock! Edit

Pokemon Culture Shock! - Chingling
  • Chingling are based on Suzu Bells, which were used in Japanese prayer.
  • In Japan, bells are believed to ward away evil, similar to the wind chimes that Chimecho is based on.
  • A lot of inanimate object based Pokémon have a fair amount of Japanese culture behind their designs.

Battle Strategy Edit

Chingling Battle

Support Edit

  • Item: Light Clay
  • Ability: Levitate
  • Nature: Bold (+Defense, -Attack)
  • EVs: HP, Defense and Sp. Defense
  • Moves:
    • Light Screen
    • Reflect
    • Heal Bell
    • Wish/Hypnosis
  • Chingling is all about helping its team.
  • Reflect and Light Screen boost your teams Defense, and Sp. Defense respectively. The Light Clay will prolong the effects of these moves.
  • Heal Bell is great for helping team mates suffering from status.
  • Wish and Hypnosis provide Defensive and Offensive support respectively, take your pick.

Random Thoughts Edit

  • Psychic is the best option if you want an offensive move.
  • Disable can shut down a Pokémon that relies on a certain move.
  • Toxic is an option to whittle down foes while you support.

Gallery Edit