The Dex Podcast #18: Places to Go, Places to See! is the eighteenth episode of The Dex! Podcast series. It's hosted by Alex, Jimmy, and PokeKellz. It covers The News, Top 5, The Community Segment, and Fanswers. Published June 7, 2014.

"Whoops! Last week was a bust! But now, join Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy as they talk about a bunch of awesome places in real life and the games! Yay! Plus, Kellie's dream wedding!"- iTunes description


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The News

  •  Think Fast battle registration ends June 6
  •  Band of Thieves and the Thousand Pokemon game information was released
  •  Special event Mega Kick Pikachu in Japan on June 15
  •  Pokemonde destination event in Europe. With Jessie's Wobbuffet. Shoutouts to Dev.
  •  Pokemon Art Academy comes out 2 weeks later in Japan. Kellie is hyped. Also, apparently she will draw us all Pokemon. Still waiting on that.
  •  Fancy Vivillon will be distributed when there are 100 million trades on GTS.
  •  Pokemon Origins released on iTunes in Europe and US.

The Top 5: Landmarks and Locations

RU: Indigo Plateau (Kanto)

  1. Mt. Silver (Johto)
  2. Sky Pillar (Hoenn)
  3. Route 8 (Kalos)
  4. Village Bridge (Unova)
  5. Power Plant (Kanto)

Community Question

Where would you live in the Pokemon world?

  • Kellie: Azalea Town, which is also the basis for her Animal Crossing town.  
  • Jimmy: Ecruteak or Mossdeep City.   
  • Alex: Not Blackthorne, but Pacifidlog City, because it would be so different from where he is now.   


Email 1 (Carlos)

He found a shiny Mewtwo, but it Struggled itself to death. He now calls everything surprising or unlikely a shiny Mewtwo, because it will probably never happen again.

Email 2 (Beth)

 Kalos has Southern France covered by a cloud. Her theory is that an expansion could be that area. Potentially you could Surf there?

Email 3 (Luke)

 A Steel-Psychic time based pokemon. It has an ability called Time Warp, which causes priority to reverse. Focus Punch would be super OP.

Email 4 (Liz)

 Shorts-loving Picknicker, or Joey with the Rattata? Her most memorable moment was playing Pokemon Colosseum with her family. Now she plays Pokemon with her whole family. For music, the ending credits theme from X and Y was great.

Email 5 (Chris G.)

 He wants lovable rivals other than Wally.

Email 6 (Paul)

 Mr. Mime is underrated, because he's a wall that can learn Reflect, Light Screen and Substitute, with no real threats in Gen 2.

Email 7 (Dee)

Eevee should get a mega evolution to give people an incentive to keep it unevolved, or potentially multiple mega evolutions depending on weather or time of day. They suggest that its mega stones could change it temporarily into one of its evolutions. They could have better stats or different abilities than the normal evolutions.