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The Dex! Podcast #26: Pokken Fever! is the twenty-sixth episode of The Dex! Podcast series. It's hosted by Alex, Jimmy, and Pokekellz. It covers The News, Top 5, The Community Segment, and Fanswers. Published August 29, 2014.

"Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy just sit around blabbering about the new Pokken Tournament announcement for like an hour! Plus Fanswers and some JAZZ!" - iTunes description.

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The News Edit

The Top 5: Pokémon We Want to See in Pokken TournamentEdit

RU: Humanoid Fighting Types and All Mega Evolutions

  1. Mienshao
  2. Breloom
  3. Golurk
  4. Dark/Grass Gang (Cacturne and Shiftry)
  5. Diggersby
  6. Regi Trio
  7. Blade-Hands Gang (Scyther, Kabutops, Scizor, Bisharp, and Armaldo)
  8. Ursaring
  9. Raichu (Instead of Pikachu)
  10. Not Charizard

The Community Question Edit

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