The Dex Podcast #8: Well-Spun Spin-Offs! is the eighth episode of The Dex! Podcast series. It's hosted by Alex, Pokekellz, and Jimmy. It covers The News, Top 5, and The Community Segment.

"There's so many more games in the Pokemon franchise besides the main series, and it's about time they got some love, right? Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy cover news, Spin-Off games, and fanswers! (That's a word, right?)"- iTunes description

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The News Edit

  • Pokemon Trozei for the 3DS has been released in Japan.

Alex, Jimmy, and Kellz explain that they are excited for the new game, but really don't have much to say about it until they own it themselves.

  • Lumiose City has been confirmed as a stage in Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS.

Jimmy shares that for Smash on the 3DS, Nintendo wanted to feature more stages that originate from 3DS games. Alex, Kellz, and Jimmy go on to discuss other stages that are confirmed for Smash on the 3DS.

  • Super Smash Bros. Melee was announced to be a playable game at EVO 2014.

Jimmy explains that EVO is a fighting Game tournament that takes place in the summer, and Alex expresses his desire to attend this year.

  • The movie trailer for the new Pokemon movie Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction has been released.

Jimmy leads an in-depth discussion on new characters that were revealed in the trailer. The gang then share their thoughts on what seems to be a Carbink hierarchy that will apparently play a big role in the movie.

The Top 5: Pokemon Spin-Off Games Edit

RU: Pokemon Colosseum / XD Gale of Darkness

  1. Pokemon Snap
  2. Pokemon Pinball Ruby / Sapphire
  3. Pokemon TCG (Gameboy)
  4. Pokemon Stadium
  5. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

The Community Question Edit

If you could make a Pokemon Spin-Off game what would it be?

  • Alex: Pokemon detective game.
  • Jimmy Pokemon Platformer.

Fanswers Edit

Email 1 (Sam) Edit

My favorite strategy is Protean Kecleon. Its awesome to take down Mega Lucario and Blaziken with it.

Email 2 (Bill Velociraptor) Edit

For Valentine's day I would love to get a shiny Roserade.

Email 3 (Tommy) Edit

I agree with Alex's belly drum Azumarill. My sneaky strategy is swift swim Poliwrath and Belly Drum. I lead with an Electrode with taunt and Rain Dance.

Email 4 (Locksodonta15) Edit

I love your channel! I have a sneaky strategy: In double battles have a gourgiest use trick or treat on your allies that know explosion.

Email 5 (Quinn) Edit

My most disapionting evolution is Blastoise, it drops the theme. Another is Cofagrigus.

Email 6 (Hose) Edit

Most dissapointing evolution was Bayleef to Meganium.

Email 7 (Kai) Edit

I never liked the Buizel line. I also dislike Surskit to Masquerain.