The Dex Podcast #9: Enter The Completionist! is the ninth episode of The Dex! Podcast series. It's hosted by Alex, Jimmy, and Unlikely Guest Jirard Khalil. It covers The News, Top 5, The Community Segment, and Fanswers. Published March 28, 2014.

"Kellie returns to join Alex and Jimmy to talk ALL about Mega Pokemon, from the new anime special to Pokemon we think need Megas! Also, Pokemon Battle Trozei kicks major butt! Go buy it!!!"- iTunes description

Music Edit

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The NewsEdit

  • TheJwittz's video was pulled from Youtube.
  • Darkrai announced as pre-order bonus for Cocoon of Destruction.
  • Pokemon DP soundtrack available on I-tunes.
  • Wild Blaze TCG set released.
  • Japanese soccer team using Pokemon mascots.

The Top 5: Pokemon Jobs Edit

RU: Pokemon Trainer

  1. Gym Leader
  2. Criminal
  3. Pokemon Professor
  4. Officer Jenny
  5. Nurse Joy

Community Question Edit

If you were in the Pokemon world what would your job be?

  • Jirard Kahil: Pokemon Breeder
  • Jimmy: Pokemon DJ
  • Alex: Chef

Fanswers Edit

Email 1 (Aaron Harting) Edit

I don't like Wigglytuff. What do you think of Team Flare? Chespin is awesome.

  • Alex: I like that they're Scientology meets Apple
  • Jimmy: I dislike that their name is misleading.
  • Jirard: Lysandre is scary.

Email 2 (Locksodonta15) Edit

Haunter is so much cooler than Gengar

Email 3 (DevTwoThousand(Horn Noises)) Edit

Hey Descast. When I was playing X I got a Bergmite. I was curious at what it would evolve into, but only disappointing when it did. I released it. I will never forgive GameFreak.

Email 4 (Monosekey Mitsu) Edit

I found Shedinja to be a dissapointing evolution. I found Wingull to Pelipper to also be disappointing. I think a legendary that changed each turn would be a good representation of reincarnation.

Email 5 (MacPhaser) Edit

I love the work you do. My Ideal valentine would be Roserade. How would you feel abou a Spin-Off where you're a Gym Leader.

  • All: That would be cool.
  • Jirard: My type would be akward
  • Alex: My type would be Grass. I'd have Chesnaught, Venusaur and Roserade.
  • Jimmy: I'd be a Fighting type leader, I'd love to use Scrafty, Hitmonlee ect.