The Trivia and Battle Strategy is the main show hosted on The National Dex YouTube channel. The show is hosted by Alex Faciane and Kellie Whisler, and edited by Rival Jimmy. The show aims to tackle one Pokemon per episode, giving trivia and battle strategy about the Pokemon

Format Edit

Most episodes of Trivia and Battle Strategy usually follow a set order of events:

Skit Edit

Typically, each episode will begin with Alex and Kellz talking to each other. The conversation will in some way relate to the Pokemon that is covered in the episode. This can often times result in one describing the Pokemon to another or acting out things the Pokemon does. The segment is always ended by one of the two saying "Iiiiiiiittttt's [Insert Topic Pokemon's Name]"

Card Edit

Shortly after, an image of the Pokemon is displayed, along with vital information about the Pokemon, such as typing, abilities, and species. The Pokemon's cry is played at the very start, followed by the sound made when a Pokemon evolves. Finally, Kellz will pop in and do a short impersonation of the Pokemon's cry

General Info Edit

Alex and Jimmy talk about very basic facts about the Pokemon, such as skin-deep design elements, it's habitat, the generation it was introduced in, the Pokemon's behavior, and other fun facts

New and Ridiculous Segments Edit

Usually, the General Info segment will lead directly into a New and Ridiculous Segment. These segments vary from episode to episode and each have a different theme. These different segments are limited to one per episode, but can be reused for different Pokemon. In general, these segments really focus on a distinct theory about the Pokemon, focusing on the Pokemon in much greater detail than the General Info segment. These parts focus on things like the name of the Pokemon, it's influence, how it fits into the Pokemon World, etc.

Battle Strategy Edit

The Battle Strategy comes directly afterwards, and delves into the competitive side of Pokemon, usually focusing on Smogon 6v6 singles, although they occasionally touch on VGC 4v4 Doubles. Alex and Kellz will first highlight one set that they recommend most, and give detailed information about it, such as a full moveset, EV Spreads, Natures, and general tips on how to use the set. After that, the two take turns giving pieces on other ways to use the Pokemon. These tips are not as detailed as the full set given, but serve to give other ideas aside from the "Standard" set.

Conclusion Edit

At the very end, the two give a brief overview of the Pokemon. They then take the time to plug various Dex related things, such as their Patreon and T-Shirts. Once all that is done the two give a hint as to what the next Pokemon that will be covered by saying "See ya next time for another [adjective] episode of.... The Dex!"

Credits Edit

Once all is done the credits role. In the corner, you can see bloopers from the recording of the episode. The actual credits consist of those who worked on the episode, as well as all backers from their Patreon page.

Main Episodes Edit

No. Title Pokémon Upload date Hosts Guests Notes
#1 Kabutops KILLS Pokemon!? Kabutops 17 dec. 2012 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#2 Gengar, Dark Clefable!? Gengar 7 jan. 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#3 Mudkip! Mudkip 14 jan. 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#4 Zangoose! Zangoose 21 jan. 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#5 Tyranitar can destroy MOUNTAINS! Tyranitar 5 feb. 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#6 Dunsparce! Dunsparce 12 feb. 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#7 Reuniclus! Reuniclus 19 feb. 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#8 Absol DOESN'T cause disasters! Absol 26 feb. 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#9 Gallade! Gallade 12 mars 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#10 Typhlosion! Typhlosion 19 mars 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#11 Shedinja, a Ghost in the Shell!? Shedinja 26 mars 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#12 ??? Gabumon 1 apr. 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#12 Bulbasaur! Bulbasaur 2 apr. 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane The Completionist
#13 Whimsicott! Whimsicott 9 apr. 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#14 Scrafty! Scrafty 23 apr. 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#15 Metagross! Metagross 30 apr. 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane N/A
#16 Blaziken! Blaziken 7 maj 2013 PokeKellz (Kellie), Alex Faciane Jimmy Whetzel
  1. Kabutops
  2. Gengar
  3. Mudkip
  4. Zangoose
  5. Tyranitar
  6. Dunsparce
  7. Reuniclus
  8. Absol
  9. Gallade
  10. Typhlosion
  11. Shedinja
  12. Bulbasaur
  13. Whimsicott
  14. Scrafty
  15. Metagross
  16. Blaziken
  17. Togekiss
  18. Luxray
  19. Chingling
  20. Gliscor
  21. Arcanine
  22. Mewtwo
  23. Volcarona
  24. Flygon
  25. Pikachu
  26. Shuckle
  27. Zoroark
  28. Froslass
  29. Nidoking
  30. Smeargle
  31. Oshawott
  32. Pidgey
  33. Skarmory
  34. Deoxys
  35. Crustle
  36. Vileplume
  37. Weavile
  38. Sceptile
  39. Cubone
  40. Lucario
  41. Salamence
  42. Delibird
  43. Jirachi
  44. Ludicolo
  45. Darmanitan
  46. Wobbuffet
  47. Aegislash
  48. Charizard
  49. Hoppip
  50. Diggersby
  51. Gardevoir
  52. Omastar
  53. Darkrai
  54. Greninja
  55. Ampharos
  56. Sableye
  57. Butterfree
  58. Missingno
  59. Trevenant
  60. Porygon
  61. Heliolisk
  62. Hydreigon
  63. Quagsire
  64. Infernape
  65. Galvantula
  66. Hawlucha
  67. Snorlax
  68. Crobat
  69. Heracross
  70. Ditto
  71. Goodra
  72. Victini
  73. Aggron
  74. Mew
  75. Pachirisu
  76. Houndoom
  77. Scolipede
  78. Golurk
  79. Klefki
  80. Torterra
  81. Tyrantrum
  82. Scizor
  83. Lapras
  84. Cofagrigus
  85. Slurpuff
  86. Bisharp
  87. Skitty
  88. Farfetch'd
  89. Mamoswine
  90. Talonflame
  91. Magnezone
  92. Stantler
  93. Arceus
  94. Giratina
  95. Breloom
  96. Delphox
  97. Blastoise
  98. Dusknoir
  99. Machamp
  100. Red
  101. Electrode
  102. Garchomp
  103. Celebi
  104. Mawile
  105. Feraligatr
  106. Manectric
  107. Honchkrow
  108. Aurorus
  109. Hypno
  110. Kingdra
  111. Castform
  112. Aerodactyl
  113. Vanilluxe
  114. Ho-Oh
  115. Malamar
  116. Blissey
  117. Exploud
  118. Emboar
  119. Clefable
  120. Lillipup
  121. Dragonite
  122. Roserade
  123. Avalugg
  124. Lopunny
  125. Amoonguss
  126. Shaymin
  127. Professor Oak
  128. Noivern
  129. Chandelure
  130. Cacturne
  131. Mismagius
  132. Toxicroak
  133. Spiritomb
  134. Jellicent
  135. Venusaur
  136. Politoed
  137. Swalot
  138. Gyarados
  139. Beartic
  140. Meowth
  141. Sawsbuck
  142. Hoopa
  143. Cinccino
  144. Chesnaught
  145. Ninetales
  146. Azumarill
  147. Watchog
  148. Bill
  149. Alomomola
  150. Steelix
  151. Exeggutor
  152. Rotom
  153. Entei
  154. Raikou
  155. Suicune
  156. Looker
  157. Magmortar
  158. Haxorus
  159. Florges
  160. Crawdaunt
  161. Parasect
  162. Rayquaza
  163. Vivillon
  164. Swampert
  165. Manaphy
  166. Phione
  167. Braviary

Side Episodes Edit

Sub-Series Edit

Gallery Edit

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