The MiniDex! is a side-show hosted on The National Dex YouTube channel. The show is hosted by Rival Jimmy. The show usually covers a Pokemon that is not fully evolved, giving trivia and battle strategy on the Pokemon. These videos are far shorter than the videos in The Dex series. The show took over from The Extra Dex once it concluded.

Episodes Edit

  1. Sylveon
  2. Riolu
  3. Sandshrew
  4. Haunter
  5. Spheal
  6. Aipom
  7. Litwick
  8. Squirtle
  9. Fennekin
  10. Munchlax
  11. Ralts
  12. Cyndaquil
  13. Diglett
  14. Drifloon
  15. Shuppet
  16. Misdreavus
  17. Yamask
  18. Pumpkaboo
  19. Sentret
  20. Pancham
  21. Cacnea
  22. Snover
  23. Skrelp
  24. Koffing
  25. Surskit
  26. Skiddo

Gallery Edit

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