The MiniDex! is a side-show hosted on TheNationalDex YouTube channel. The show was hosted by Rival Jimmy during Season 1, and by a different host each week during Season 2. The show usually covers Pokémon that are not fully evolved, giving trivia and battle strategy on the Pokémon. These videos are much shorter than the videos of The Dex series. The show took over from The Extra Dex once it concluded. Season 2 was created as part of TheNationalDex's rebranding with the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon in 2016. The format of the episodes changed to covering three Pokémon at a time instead of a single Pokémon per episode.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

Ep. No. Title Pokémon Upload date Host
Ep.1 Sylveon! The MiniDex #1! Sylveon 23 Jun 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.2 Riolu! The MiniDex #2! Riolu 30 Jun 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.3 Sandshrew! The MiniDex #3! Sandshrew 7 Jul 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.4 Haunter! The MiniDex #4! Haunter 21 Jul 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.5 Spheal! The MiniDex #5! Spheal 28 Jul 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.6 Aipom! The MiniDex #6! Aipom 4 Aug 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.7 Litwick! The MiniDex #7! Litwick 11 Aug 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.8 Squirtle! The MiniDex #8! Squirtle 18 Aug 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.9 Fennekin! The MiniDex #9! Fennekin 25 Aug 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.10 Munchlax! The MiniDex #10! Munchlax 1 Sep 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.11 Ralts! The MiniDex #11! Ralts 8 Sep 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.12 Cyndaquil! The MiniDex #12! Cyndaquil 15 Sep 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.13 Diglett! The MiniDex #13! Diglett 22 Sep 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.14 Drifloon! The MiniDex #14! Drifloon 29 Sep 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.15 Shuppet! The MiniDex #15! Shuppet 6 Oct 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.16 Misdreavus! The MiniDex #16! Misdreavus 13 Oct 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.17 Yamask! The MiniDex #17! Yamask 20 Oct 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.18 Pumpkaboo! The MiniDex HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Pumpkaboo 27 Oct 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.19 Sentret! The MiniDex #19! Sentret 10 Nov 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.20 Pancham! The MiniDex #20! Pancham 17 Nov 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.21 Cacnea! The MiniDex #21! Cacnea 8 Dec 2014 Rival Jimmy
Ep.22 Snover! The MiniDex #22! Snover 26 Jan 2015 Rival Jimmy
Ep.23 Skrelp! The MiniDex #23! Skrelp 2 Feb 2015 Rival Jimmy
Ep.24 Koffing! The MiniDex #24! Koffing 9 Feb 2015 Rival Jimmy
Ep.25 Surskit! The MiniDex #25! Surskit 16 Feb 2015 Rival Jimmy
Ep.26 Skiddo! The MiniDex #26! Skiddo 2 Mar 2015 Rival Jimmy

Season 2 Edit

Ep. No. Title Pokémon Upload date Host
Ep.1 SCYTHER'S ORIGINAL NAME! | The MiniDex! Scyther, Goomy, Rockruff 12 May 2017 PokeKellz (Kellie)
Ep.2 TREECKO'S ATOMIC SECRET! | The MiniDex! Treecko, Togepi, Charjabug 2 Jun 2017 Alex Faciane
Ep.3 WIMPOD'S ORIGIN EXPOSED! | The MiniDex! Piplup, Trubbish, Wimpod 9 Jun 2017 Rival Jimmy
Ep.4 GROWLITHE'S ORIGINAL NAME! | The MiniDex! Phanpy, Snorunt, Growlithe 7 Jul 2017 Hilde

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