• Hello, Dex fans! My name is Cherry, and I'm a moderator for The National Dex Wiki! If you are visiting this lovely site in order to help get this wiki in tip-top shape, you've come to the right Discussion Thread! This thread is meant to provide an outline of what we're currently working on improving with the site and ways YOU can help!

     **-----MAIN FOCUS-----**

    Our first order of business with this wiki is populating the The Dex! Trivia and Battle Strategy pages and The DexCast pages. Each episode of both The Dex! and The DexCast should have its own individual page explaining in detail what happens during that episode. Both types of pages have a specific structure they all follow (e.g., what content goes where, what types of headings that are used, how things are titled). If you are creating/editing an episode page, please follow the precedents set in already-constructed pages!

    **If you are modifying a Trivia and Battle Strategy page, I recommend using the Kabutops Episode and Gengar Episode pages as guidelines for structure!

    **If you are modifying a DexCast page, I recommend using the Episode 2 and Episode 5 pages as guidelines for structure!

    The most important thing is making sure a page exists for each episode! Small nuances can be dealt with at a later date, although if you have any questions, feel free to ask! (The DexCast pages are kind of my pet project, so I know a lot more about how those pages are set up than The Dex pages, but I'll try my best to answer all questions!)

    **-----OTHER SMALLER JOBS-----**

    Refining the pages for Alex , Kellz , and Jimmy -- Out of the three, Kellz's page is the only one that's fleshed out to a nice degree. It would be great if all three profiles had a bit more "oomph" and possibly shared a more similar page structure/format.

    Working on pages for Side Shows -- If my knowledge is correct, I don't think any of The Dex's side shows (e.g. The Mini Dex and ORAS Vlogs) currently have whole pages dedicated to them. If a structure could be established for these pages and individual episode pages started being populated, then that would be marvelous!

    The Music Project!! -- We want to try and identify all background music used in segments of The Dex, specifically music used in Ridiculous Segments and DexCast Episodes. It can be tricky sometimes, but we should be able to figure it out with our collective Pokemon Music Knowledge! It helps to know that about 90% of the background music comes from official Pokemon OSTs.

    HASHTAGS -- There is a Hashtag List set up on the wiki, but it's very sparse currently, and I have a cool idea of how we could make it better. My vision is to have the list of hashtags be listed in alphabetical order, and every hashtag links to the page of The DexCast episode it originated in. Then, on every DexCastepisode page, there's a section (possibly placed before the "Trivia" section?) that lists of all the hashtags used in that episode and a brief description of how they came about. Then we would have a whole catalog of how each crazy hashtag originated!  

    I'll keep adding stuff to this thread as more tasks pop up!

    Thanks in advance for your efforts!! I really appreciate it!

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