ZOROARK IN VGC 18? YOSHILLER'S CRAZY! is the first episode of the VGC 18 series. It's hosted by Alex Faciane and Yoshiller.

"Now that he's our new roommate, Alex and Yoshiller sit down to try out Yoshiller's crazy VGC 18 team, with a Zoroark and a Bayleef!?! Part 1 of a short mini-series!
Oh yeah, and Necrozma's coming next week!
" - Youtube description.

Music Edit

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  • Background:??? - Pokemon Sun and Moon

Intro  Edit

The majority of the episode was used to show off and explain each member of Yoshiller's VGC team.

Battle 1 Edit

Yoshiller's Full Team Demoluxs's Full Team Yoshiller's selected Pokémon Demoluxs's Selected Pokémon Battle Outcome

Turn 1 Edit

  1. Demoluxs sent out Tyranitar and Minior.
  2. Yoshiller sent out Yeavile and Yawile.
  3. Yeavile exerts Pressure. Minior's Shields Down deactivated. Tyranitar's Sand Stream whipped up a Sandstorm. Yawile's Intimidate lowered both Tyranitar's and Minior's Attack (0 → -1).
  4. Tyranitar and Yawile both Mega Evolve.
  5. Yeavile used Brick Break. Tyranitar-Mega lost 89-92% HP. Yeavile lost 9% to Life Orb recoil.
  6. Tyranitar-Mega used Dragon Dance. Tyranitar-Mega's Attack (-1 → 0) and Speed (0 → +1) rose.
  7. Minior used Shell Smash. Minior's Defense (0 → -1) and Sp. Defense (0 → -1) fell. Minior's Attack (-1 → +1), Sp. Attack (0 → +2), and Speed (0 → +2) sharply rose.
  8. Yawile-Mega used Iron Head. Minior fainted.
  9. Yeavile lost 6% HP to Sandstorm damage.

Turn 2 Edit

  1. Demoluxs sent out Shuckle.
  2. Yoshiller withdrew Yeavile and sent out Milokaross.
  3. Yawile-Mega used Sucker Punch. Tyranitar-Mega fainted.
  4. Shuckle used Infestation. Yawile-Mega lost 1% HP. Yawile-Mega cannot escape.
  5. Milokaross lost 5% HP to Sandstorm damage. Yawile-Mega lost 17% HP to Infestation.

Turn 3 Edit

  1. Demoluxs sent out Aurorus
  2. Milokaross used Hydro Vortex. Shuckle lost 43-46% HP.
  3. Aurorus used Hyper Voice. Milokaross lost 21% HP. Yawile-Mega lost 37% HP.
  4. Yawile-Mega used Iron Head. Shuckle fainted.
  5. Milokaross lost 5% HP to Sandstorm damage.

Turn 4 Edit

  1. Milokaross used Scald. Aurorus lost 29-32% HP.
  2. Aurorus used Hyper Voice. Milokaross lost 21% HP. Yawile-Mega lost 33% HP.
  3. Yawile-Mega used Iron Head. Aurorus fainted.

~Yoshiller Wins~

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